Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Once upon a time

Once upon a time, in the far off land of Minnesota, there were Five Aspiring Writers.  These writers labored alone, lost and adrift in a world that cared not for their trials, sacrifices, and literary pursuits.

Then, one fine and clear fall day, the Loft Literary Center sent a call out into the land:  “Lonely Writers!  Come to our shining home and bear witness to the Great One who shall instruct you in the many mysteries of The Craft.”

Four of The Five Aspiring Writers heard the call and rejoiced.  “Forsooth!” said they.  “An end to our lonely labors is at hand!”

So Four of The Five Aspiring Writers packed their belongings, their pens, parchment and laptops, and set off in search of enlightenment and, just maybe, an end to their loneliness.

At long last, after the navigating treacherous one-ways of Downtown Minneapolis, Four of The Five Aspiring Writers, along with others both motley and capable, came to the Loft Literary Center and began their tutelage with the Great One.  Together, they endured many labors and their knowledge grew.

Finally, after many long and arduous months, the Great One said unto them, “I have but one lesson left for you. Know that for all your accomplishments you may reach even greater heights if you continue to work and learn together, as have I with my tribe.”

Four of The Five Aspiring Writers looked at one another, assessing. 

“Now,” said the Great One. “You have learned all that I can teach you.  Go. Go back to your homes and to your villages and write such words that maidens will swoon and old men will cry shiny tears into their wizened hands.”

And so Four of The Five Aspiring Writers, and those both motley and capable, left the Loft Literary Center behind.  They returned to their homes and to their villages, but it wasn't long before Four of The Five Aspiring Writers felt their lonely labors begin to chafe.

One by one, Four of The Five Aspiring Writers began to remember the Great One's words. They sought one another out, finally coming together in a local tavern. They created a sacred pact, agreeing to meet once every two weeks and continue on in the tradition of the Great One's Tribe.

Now, more than a full sun cycle later, Four of The Five Aspiring Writers, along with the Fifth Aspiring Writer, have banded together, forming a tribe of their own.  This tribe, the tribe of The Five Aspiring Writers, is to be known as: The Scribblerati!

The Scribblerati are:

Was once voted 42nd "Sassiest Girl in America" by Sassy magazine. That's not top banana in the sassy department, but it's still pretty darn sassy.

Lisa Bergin
Philosophy professor; felted creature maker; food grower and preserver; mama who's at her calmest when she can carve out time to write her middle-grade novel.

Jon Hansen never wanted anything more than the simple, care-free life of a hammock-tester.  Fate, it seems, has plans of its own…

Is a sci-fi / fantasy geek, foodie, alt music fanatic, comic loving, corporate IT slave who writes and travels with the lovely @mplstravelkitty.

Author of BLACKHEART, specializes in angels, demons, dark dreams & fast-paced supernatural writing. Per Mayan prophecy his best seller will hit the shelves Fall 2012.