Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Hump Day Surprise - Villans Part 2

Yes, I am shamelessly jumping onto the villains bandwagon AND I DON'T CARE!

(Mostly, it's just that I haven't done a Hump Day Surprise in a long time and I thought what better way to get back on that horse then by stealing someone else's idea. Clever, eh?)

So here it is, as promised in my comment to Claudia's original post, the fourth type of villain:

I don't know what you would call this particular category of villain, but The One Ring most certainly is a villain. It does all the things a good villain should do: it propels the story, creates conflict, and is a real Bad Ass!

And since were on the subject of an inanimate antagonists (Hey, is that my category name?), what do you think about this one?

I don't know that you can really call The Dark Tower a villain. It's not evil, like The One Ring, but I think one could certainly make the argument that Roland hated The Dark Tower every bit as much as he desired it.

So what's everyone think?  Good villains?


Jon said...

I'd say the One Ring is definitely a good villian.

I'm not sure about the Tower, though, as I don't think it ever works against Roland. He's certainly obsessed with it, but does it ever impose it's will on him?

Mark Teats said...

My fav inanimate antagonists mostly belong to Stephen King: The OverLook hotel from THE SHINING, CHRISTINE (killer car) and I believe "THE MANGLER" (short story about a killer laundry press come alive via witchcraft of sorts). I think all haunted houses in various stories/movies would qualify (AMITYVILLE HORROR, for instance). Yeah, objects can be pretty scary and evil all right.

Qlaudie said...

Oooo...yes, object, good category. Hmm. The dummy in Magic. Never really moves... or DOES it?

And in our previous conversation - I forgot Anton Chigurh!!! One of the best.