Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Reverb10 - Claudia's #6

I can answer this one!
I sure haven't made good with the writing this Holiday season, but I have made with the making things for presents. (Thanks, Economy!)
I don't know if this is what the creators of reverb10 had in mind (From the way Shawn puts it, I picture the sawing of boards and the banging of nails, and perhaps a touch of decoupage), nevertheless-
I made, among other delightful infusions, a pear/vanilla infused vodka. (The tools I used? Pears. Vanilla Bean. Vodka. Knife. Glass container.)
I also made this label to go along with it. (Tools? Photoshop. Picture of a pear. Picture of a toy Godzilla. Keyboard. Fingers.)
Yay Makey Stuff!


Mark Teats said...


Lisa said...

super awesome! I see a new wooly creature series:

Jon said...

How very Claudia...

"Hey guys! I made booze!"

Seriously, though, where's mine?

Shawn Enderlin said...


PS - awesome label!