Thursday, May 31, 2012

Writing in the (Word) Clouds

What would your short story, book or blog look like put into a “Word Cloud?”  A friend of mine shared a link with me to a site that lets you make Word Clouds out of any block of text you want to paste into it.

I think this site is pretty cool. Here are three Word Clouds I came up with. The first two are from large chunks of writing from my novels in progress (BLACKHEART and SUNLIGHT.) Take a look, please.
Click on the image to enlarge it

Click on the image to see it full size!
So what if anything do these Word Clouds say about my writing?

My main characters apparently get lots of time on the pages. (Their names show up big and bold). Secondary characters, settings and symbols from my books come through, as I’d hope they would. Apparently I’ve also got some favorite words I need to consider avoiding and/or editing out of my manuscripts (why is BACK so damned big? Hmmm.)
Do the themes shine through? You tell me.

For the BLACKHEART cloud I do like how Blackheart’s name ended up in black and Noel’s name came up in pink, her fav color. (Although I did pick a custom color scheme.)

Extra credit in the SUNSHINE (Job) Word Cloud: find the naughty word

The last Word Cloud I created is for this very blog, based on a several copied and pasted postings from the past couple months.
click on the image to enlarge it!
With this one I’m pleased to see WRITING is what shines through the most. "Comments" made sense to me to, because of course all blogs have comments, but our group spends a lot of time commenting on each other's writing during our critique sessions.

If you come up with a Word Cloud for your piece(s) of writing I’d love to see it.


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Lisa said...

Naught word cloud:
Fucking big pot high