Tuesday, October 23, 2012

How to Quash the Creative Mind

From my son's First Grade Homework:

1. Which words go together?


2. Which could really happen?

A rabbit goes bowling with a tulip.
A rabbit hops behind a bush.

And the dilemma of the writerly mom: do I encourage him to conform so he doesn't get his homework "wrong"? Or do we write that story about the monkeys exploding out of the Birthday Cake, bounding about the room with candles grasped in their tails?

Take that Minneapolis School System!


Jon said...

My question is: Does the Monkey go Bowling WITH a Tulip, using the tulip instead of a bowling ball (Epic fail IMHO)? Or does the Moneky and a Tulip decide to go bowling together? How can MPS and this "teacher" expect any kind of answer at all? They failed to specify!

Qlaudie said...