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The Saga Reader Survey

Way back at the beginning of the year, I posted a blog called: 13 comics in '13. It was informative. It was insightful. It was very well received. The subject matter is probably apparent. Anyway, one of the books I mentioned is called Saga, in fact, it was the first one I mentioned. It's pretty good, a mash-up of epic sci-fi and fantasy adventure and romance, it's about two soldiers from adversarial worlds--young and in love and on the run from the forces of their respective armies, a few bounty hunters, a robot Prince and the occasional monster. It's funny, cool, and narrated by the brand new baby of our star-crossed and star-crossing Romeo and Juliet. Great art. Great characters. Like I said: Great book.

So around this time last year, the Creative Team behind Saga were a little curious as to the crowd that was reading their book, so they put up a reader survey. It was random and cute and all la-de-dah and mostly in good fun. They encouraged their readers to fill it out and send it in and then published some of the responses in a later issue. The results were more fun than a barrel of monkeys, so this year they're doing it all again. I have posted the questions below, along with my answers for your reading enjoyment, so if you're interested in the book and also maybe interested in participating in the survey, then fill it out yourself and snail mail that shit to the address posted below: 

Sags Reader Survey
4335 Van Nuys Boulevard, Suite 332
Sherman Oaks, CA 91403

I'll be honest, at this point, I probably won't be sending it in myself, because... meh, but feel free to do as you wish on your own: Fill it out for fun, fill it out and send it in, or do nothing. Whatever. Free country.

Ready? Let's go!

1) In the parlance of these newfangled “chat rooms,” what is your A/S/L?


2) And if you don’t mind us asking, where do you buy your comical books?

The Comic Book College on 32nd and Hennepin. They know me there, I'm kind of a big deal...

3) Okay, but when was the last time you climbed a rope and/or used a rope to aid your ascent?

Climbed a rope? I don't remember the last time I climbed a rope... But to aid my ascent? ...'97?

4) Do you believe in any kind of afterlife?

I don't worry about it.

5) Who’s the most famous person you went to school with?

I know one kid went to jail for stealing christmas trees and then crashing during the getaway. He's famous for being a pretty big dumbshit, does that count? Also, there was a girl a few years older than me who had quite the storied reputation when it came to sex. She was very well known among the kids... but admittedly, that was all probably a bit exaggerated. She seemed really nice the few times I talked to her. I think a kid a year below me and some of his friends ended up killing somebody (maybe over drugs) and then tried to burn the body in a backyard fire-pit, but once again: That's a possible exaggeration. Although honestly? It's a lot more likely than the whole gang-bang kegger story. Hmmm... I once saw a guy drink 24 Keystone Lights in a single night. How about that? No? Well then... no one.

6) In adolescent sex talk, what does “third base” represent to you?

Finger-banging. 1st base is kissing. 2nd base is boobs, over AND under. 3rd base is hands in the pants. A home run is sex (oral, anal, vaginal--that's why it's called "scoring").

7) President Obama probably hasn’t had too much free time since he was elected, so which (non-Saga) comics that have been released in the last five years would you most recommend to him?

Anything by Jonathan Hickman. The 1st issue of Matt Fraction's Sex Criminals was pretty not too bad, too. Prophet is great. Also I would generally recommend that he avoid all of the current DC books for the most part. Mostly though, I'd just recommend that he shut down Guantanamo, free Chelsea Manning, and then kick Boehner in his stupid fucking overly-tanning-creamed ass, know what I'm saying?

8) It’s your final meal; what would you like to drink with that?

Two Cream Sodas, please.

9) On Star Trek The Next Generation, which two characters had a never-acknowledged love affair that only you know about?

Ensign Ro Laren and Captain Jean-Luc Picard, of course. Summer and Winter. Fire and Ice.

10) What’s the best thing you’ve ever stolen?

My wife's heart... aw, yeah...

11) Who or what do you miss?

A time when life seemed to have endless possibilities and we had all the time in the world. That, and Firefly.

12)  Have you ever had a possible supernatural experience, and if so, what happened?

I'm pretty sure the house I lived in in high school was haunted by an old woman named Elizabeth. There was always this feeling living there, as if someone was standing in the doorway behind you, but of course, there usually wasn't. And sometimes you'd see someone pass by a door out of the corner of your eye when you thought you were alone in the house--which was somewhat disconcerting when pooping with the door open--but there was never any one there, and other times you could hear someone moving around down in the kitchen when there was no one downstairs, opening cupboards and whatnot. Lots of things like that. Heavy things moved. Doors shutting. Little things. Lots of little things. But the main reason I tend to lean more toward believing this to be true is because even though I definitely experienced this on my own, I didn't talk about it. Not ever, at least not until other members of my family mentioned it on their own, without any prompting. I know what I experienced, I know it happened enough to not just be me being jumpy, and I didn't tell anyone, and they experienced the same things. And it wasn't like the first weekend either, we weren't just being unsure in a new house, this was after having lived there a couple of years. Who knows. I'm not saying it's definitive proof of anything. It was what it was and whatever that was, all I know is that it was something weird I can't explain. Not dangerous, just weird.

13) Do you know anyone currently in prison?

Yes, but I don't write or call.

14)  Which field or fields do you consider yourself an expert in?

Pop culture debates. Befriending babies and animals. Fucking off.

15) Have you ever been given an award?


16)  Has Twitter made you a happier person?

Is it supposed to?

17) What did your parents almost name you.

William. Richard. Ramsey... Ramsey? What the fuck, mom? Talk about dodging a bullet...

18) Did you watch any of those videos that Chelsea Manning helped leak, especially that one?

Yes. I saw the one where the journalists were gunned down by the U.S. Army helicopters. That was pretty fucked up. Although, I honestly couldn't tell gun from camera, but then that might have been due to the film quality.

19) If you had to fight in any war from human history, which would you choose?

The Culture Wars.

20) Isn’t there someone you should finally apologize to this week?

Fuck them

21)  What is the most important article of clothing that you own?

My shoes. Going barefoot outside all the time is gross.

22)  Are you happily addicted to anything?

Oh yeah! Oh yeah... Shyeah.

23) We’re having a dance!  Would you like to come to our dance?


24) You have to permanently give up either movies or television, so what’s it gonna be?

Wait, wait... Why would I have to do that? That's dumb. Could I watch movies on my TV, but not TV shows? Or can I just not use an actual TV? Could I watch TV shows on my Ipod and/or laptop? And if I subscribed to HBO, would I only be allowed to watch half of their programming? Can I not watch movies at all or can I watch them at home, but not in the theatre? What are mini-series or made-for-TV movies considered to be? Who would police this?

Dumb. Neither. Fuck you.

25) Finally, please draw a quick doodle of yourself, especially if you’re not an artist:

I call it: Moment before the Meteor.

So there you go. What are your thoughts? Are you going to fill it out on your own? Come on, it's fun. Either way, you can pick up the first volume of the Graphic Novel here. Buy it. It's good.

Still pooping with the door open, but only when--presumably--alone in the house,

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Qlaudie said...

Awesome sauce. And I think you should turn it in. With your name neatly printed on top.
And also, I want to borrow more of those comics, they're balls.