Thursday, November 5, 2009

In Praise of Alter Egos

We've been yukking it up--yuking? yuk-ing? yucking? forget it...

We've been busting a gut in our last couple critique session over alter egos. Actually, my fantabulous writing companions have been turned into quivering puddles of giggly silliness when I *occasionally* give feedback that they find out of character coming from a middle-aged, greying, vegetarian, queer mother of a smallish, wee one. Like, say, when I suggest that, oh, perhaps, readers might want more description concerning the nether regions of an eighty-some year-old pants-less zombie. (Whoa, three hyphenations in a row.) That's the G-rated version, by the way. What I really said approached PG-13.

Ah, Alter Egos. I sing your praises. Don't you think that one of the grooviest things about writing is that you get to inhabit a bunch of them? Mayhaps not, but I sure do: I'm a bear who's been turned into a girl! I'm the teenaged reincarnation of a French existentialist philosopher! I'm a sentient potato! (And yes, these are indeed main characters in my novel.) How fun is that?

I also sing praises to Halloween, that orgy of alter egos. This year I was Robin-the-Recycler. The Smallish, Wee One (aka Smunch) decided to be Superman this year. And it was also decreed that I would be Robin. So Robin I was. In our family, because we like to sing praises to Halloween, we have an annual scary foods dinner. Highlights from past years include such themes as Harry Potter, The Lord of the Rings, Sarah Palin, Poop & Pee (when Smunch was still very much not potty trained,) and severed thumb (in honor of a dear friend who had a bit of a run-in with a paper cutter.) For LOTR, I created Barad-dur out of stuffed grape leaves with the Dead Marshes for dessert: a sheet cake with channels cut out of it, channels then filled with jello and submerged, marzipan dead people. This year's theme: Global Warming. Hence, Robin the Recycler.

Here's this years menu:

Holy Heat Up, Batman!
It's a Global Warming Feast!
Brought to you by the
Environmental Justice League of America
Super (Energy Saving) Man
Robin (the Recycler)

We're really in a Pickle Plate
Methane Burp Cheese Plate with Cracks in the Greenland Icesheet Crackers
Hole(-in-the-Ozone-Layer) Wheat Rolls

Main Course
The Once Enchanted Broccoli Forest
Melting Sour Cream glaciers and clear-cut Broccoli stands lead to denuded desert hillsides of Polenta, Black Bean mudslides, and Yam erosion.

"Buy Fresh! Buy Local!" Tropical Fruit Upside Down Cake
And you thought our weather was topsy-turvy? Featuring Minnesota-grown pineapple, papaya, mango and sugar cane.

Glacial Melt Floats
Shrinking Ice (cream) Sheets in a hot ocean of Cider

Ka-Pow! Whammo! Splorch! Smash!
Holy Extreme Weather, Batman!


Shawn Enderlin said...

ROFLOL! that picture is priceless!

For the longest time my alter ego was as a Jedi Master. I remember having a party for a bunch of friends prior to going to see Attack of the Clones. we even did a menu -- let me see if I can find it...

Ah ha!

Bantha Burgers
Nerf Links
Ugnaught Fruit Salad
Corellian Baked Beans
Bothan Spice Cake
Jawa Juice

mmmmm.... nerf links...

Jon said...

Marzipan dead people? Yum!

Qlaudie said...

You rock.

Mark Teats said...

Lisa - awesome post. Please wear the costume to our next meeting.

Lisa said...

you ate a Bantha, Shawn????
how *could* you?
that's it
I quitting this group!

Jon said...

Don't worry, Lisa is just easily startled. She'll be back... and in greater numbers too.