Friday, September 30, 2011

Fall's always hard for a gardener philosopher. This one is more so. Somehow, my life appears to have gone a bit wild without first getting my expressed consent.  Some of the craziness is my own choice, some isn't. In any case, for the last bit, I've been feeling overwhelmed emotionally and intellectually and creatively. So today's blog? SHORT! UPDATES! ADVICE!

Update #1: I am officially declaring my beta-draft ready for my beta-readers. (This is probably something like my sixth or seventh draft.) I will be sending it out to my potential beta-readers today.

Update #2: I've incorporated a blog into one of my classes, Telling the Story Queer, a first-year seminar that's focusing on story-tellers who break narrative conventions. As a way to make student writing more real, (i.e. not writing to an audience of one--the prof,) I'm having them blog about our novels. They've all just introduced themselves; next week they'll start on their reflections on Fun Home, the graphic memoir by Alison Bechdel. I would love it if Scribblerati readers/members would pop over occasionally and comment on the student blogs. Find us here.

Advice #1: Do you feel the need to self-medicate? But do you also need to be prepared to be awoken for the day at 5:30 in the morning when your kidlink stumbles into your bed? Yoga is good, sugar is grand, but Sherlock is better. Last year the BBC updated Sherlock Holmes. Clever, silly, and fun. And streaming on Netflix.

Advice #2: Especially for Ms. Claudia. I've also been enjoying the Forsyte Saga - yummy clothes, especially when they get to the 1920s; yummy architecture, especially the Arts and Craft-y/Deco-y Robin Hill; yummy cast: Gina McKee and Rupert Graves.

Cheerio. By my next blog things should be settling down.


Jon said...

Sherlock is great. There's more coming in 2012 apparently. It was by Steven Moffat. He also did a creepy and awesome Jekyll update a few years back.

Lisa said...

Also by Mark Gatiss, who is amazing as Mycroft, and perhaps the reason Holmes and Watson are so bro-mancy.

Qlaudie said...

Oh! I didn't know one of the creators was the guy who plays Mycroft. I LOVED that show. Thanks for the other suggestion, Lisa. I'm looking for something juicy and British. I just got done with the positively swoony North and South miniseries - very like Pride and Prejudice, except it's several decades later, and much grittier - northern mill town, England. I highly recommend.

Mr. T said...

Fun idea having your students blog. I did will check it out.

Also, I need to watch Sherlock! Haven't talked to a person yet who hasn't enjoyed it. It's been in my Netflix queue for months, waiting, waiting.